Deadwood Edition Issue #181

February 5, 2008

Strange Fruit

Fresh Produce Art Collective's year-long ascension climaxes with "Tender Loins: The Art of Love, Sex, and Relationships"

Things began a year ago when a small group of young Lawrence artists met at the Hookah House...

RE: Townie Guide to Political Hackery

I am writing in response to "A Guide to Political Hackery," an interview between Gavon Laessig and Galen Turner that was published in the January 22 print edition of

The Ex Games

Failed relationships fuel Valentines Day art exhibit, embittered romper room

As the poet J. Geils once immortally intoned, "Love stinks." It's this immutable truism that lies at the blackened and oozing heart of The Ex Show. It's a multimedia art exhibit that invites attendees to whimsically wallow in the filth of their own ex-relationships by providing a venue to purge mixtapes and other detritus from former lovers. Throw in activities like "Pin the Tail on the Ex," and organizers hope this interactive invective forum will help purge the soul.

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Far from Over

KC favorites It's Over! bring the energy west

After years of being one of the most fun, party-rockin' bands in the area, It's Over is finally putting out an album. "That Girl" captures the KC foursome's country-laced '50s rock and even some of that bombast from in its live performances.

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Local rapper Stik Figa is a well-rounded square

Midway through his set at KJHK's Farmer's Ball, Stik Figa experienced every rapper's worst nightmare: his CD skipped. Where a less charismatic rapper might have crumbled, Figa simply went a cappella-and subsequently won the damn thing.

Actual News*

*:based on actual news

Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

The job sounded simple enough the day the Peace Corps dropped Katherine Carttar off in the highland Mayan town of Sololá, Guatemala. She was to work with a small lending organization that supported hundreds of indigenous farmers and artisans and, if she succeeded, get them fairer prices for their potatoes, carrots, onions, and handmade goods.

Save & Splurge


:Chinese censored edition

A dead bird as white as fresh lard lay along the sidewalk on Seventh Street...

Seeking the payoff as a social conservative

Some news stories and blogs take a look at Brownback's campaign strategy in Iowa and New Hampshire.