Deadwood Edition Issue #182

February 12, 2008


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Actual News*

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Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

A clash is a-comin'. An architectural clash. A few months ago, the tide of progress seemed to roll onward in its depressing way when the developers of the proposed Oread Inn on the edge of campus offered to buy the adjacent Ecumenical Christian Ministries building.

Coming back to byte you

Privacy, control, and the internet age

Three years ago, Paul Trigoso received one of those emails purporting to be sent from eBay. The email said someone had been fraudulently using his account. He needed to log in and confirm his credit card information and so forth so the company could affirm the account's validity. He followed a link, typed in his username and password and filled out his financial information. The next day he received the email again, which seemed strange. He went to eBay and read a bulletin the company had posted about scams.

Bleach Beauty

Paul Flinders explores the unbearable whiteness of being in "Bleached Works"

You might know Paul Flinders as the Lawrence artist who paints those big-headed ectomorphs in surreal states of reverie. You may also know him from his series of birds with gangly legs. Well, expect none of that for his latest solo show, "Bleached Works."

Tease photo

All That Jizz

Ssion release spunky new pop album, "Fool's Gold"

Toss pop, punk, disco and a whole lot of Astroglide into a Cuisinart, repeatedly press "Pulse," then dump on top of a mustache orgy-now you've got the recipe for Ssion's "Fool's Gold." Finally available in wide release through Sleazetone Records, "Fool's Gold" is the infectious new album from Kansas City art-noise collective, Ssion (pronounced "shun").

One Man's 'Nightmares'

Local playwright Adam R. Burnett and the depths of obsession

What's cooking this weekend, dear reader? One idea: a play. Yes, a play! Why? Because it is free. And besides, you have not been to a play in a very long time, have you? It's written and directed by a KU senior named Adam R. Burnett, who, despite his age, is already a pretty experienced playwright, and an interesting fellow to boot.

Save & Splurge

Review Roundup 1-30

We take a look at the games of late January

National poll: Brownback at 3 percent

A weekly Rasmussen Reports poll on the GOP nomination has Brownback even with Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel and trailing Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Brownback to address Michigan GOP convention

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