Deadwood Edition Issue #177

January 8, 2008

Generation Axe

Shred with the World's Best on Guitar Hero III ...right here in Kansas

It's 9:30 on a cold Saturday morning and no one is answering the door. I've traveled an hour to Lee's Summit, to this cul-de-sac of new adobe-style townhomes, to knock on this door, the door of the region's Guitar Hero legends. Another knock. No one answers. Drew Gutierrez and Marques Watson aren't just the best Guitar Hero III duo within an hour of Lawrence. They are ranked, as of this writing, No. 1 in the world on 'Hard' on Xbox Live.

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Ghosty's Got the 'Answers'

Longtime Lawrence musicians find everything they need is here

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since the members of Ghosty-one of Lawrence's most beloved homegrown bands-packed up, going to Kansas City. This fivesome is still deeply connected to Lawrence, however, and for the release of their new album we will be treated to two shows in a week-and this from a band that spreads out appearance judiciously.

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:have the terrorists won edition, vol. 1

:on New Year's Day, on the upper deck of a double-decker Megabus traveling from St. Louis to Kansas City, a full bottle of red Powerade rolled for several minutes across the center aisle until stopping on a woman's foot, forcing her to kick it several times, after which it would consistently roll back. Eventually she allowed the bottle to rest against her foot for several minutes before it rolled away. Later a man took hold of the mischievous bottle and asked if anyone would claim it. No one did:

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Daily Compositions

Liz Gardner's New Year's resolution

Liz Gardner's Ground Rules, c. 2007:1. There are no mistakes in art.2. It is just one day. There are hundreds more to come.3. If you have an idea, run with it. Don't worry about how it will come across.4. Do not invest a lot of money in materials. First and foremost use what you see around you. 5. Don't stop at 3, 6, or even 8 months. Finish out the year!

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Review: Rock Band (360)

As a single-player game, Rock Band is comprehensive and very enjoyable. As a party game, it's one of the most entertaining gaming experiences you can have.

Brownback backs Iraqi refugee bill

Also: A stop in Wyoming.

Jesus <i>is</i> returning!

The local musicians behind last year's success come back for one more go.

Shopping Trip

Meth can be funny after all.