Deadwood Edition Issue #178

January 15, 2008

Provocative "There Will Be Blood" the Best Movie of the Year

From "Citizen Kane" to "Wall Street," cinema has been a fantastic forum for examining the frayed edges of unchecked ambition and greed. The latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson follows single-minded oilman Daniel Plainview to show us the dark side to this particular American dream-not knowing when to give it a rest.

Queer Social

Gay, out, and in the greek system

Yes, Jordan Williams says, he hears locker room talk. Sex talk, that chick's so hot, that dude's so gay, yes, yes, he hears it. He's in a fraternity. "Wow, Matthew McConaughey's really attractive," he might chime in. And then he says what happens: "The room goes silent."

A Bandit Returns

Bandit Teeth Gets New Life After Seven Years Apart

Lawrence sometimes feels like a revolving door, with both students churning in and out and a steady stream of "townies" who've made up their mind to finally get the heck out of this damn town. Brad Shanks took his leave seven years ago, effectively disbanding Bandit Teeth, which he had formed with friends Charley Downey and Cobi Newton.

Bleeding Heartland

Author Sara Paretsky conjures up Lawrence's violent past-and divided present-with "Bleeding Kansas"

Witches, war, and a cow of the Apocalypse-examining the socio-political geography of Kansas has never been so freaky. Although it's called "Bleeding Kansas," Sara Paretsky's novel is about as far removed from a dusty examination of the Free state's well-trod history as the title might imply.

Save & Splurge

Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

Sheena Shippee was taking a women's history class at KU in spring 2005. The professor gave the class two options: write an in-depth research paper or sign up for service learning in the community.


...hang up and try again edition

Man-sized ice chunks drifted down the Kaw River toward Bowersock Dam. It was a tranquil sight: :A blue sticky note stuck to a parking meter on the 600 block of Vermont Street warned: "This meter ate my money":

Actual News*

*:based on actual news

Keepsakes & Reminders

Natalie Anne Dye's modern tintypes

Sunday night, the newly painted walls of the Bourgeois Pig opened to the smallest of art exhibits: tiny, locket-sized photographs by Natalie Anne Dye. The images, framed in small, recycled tins, are of clouds, trees, utility lines, architectural details, snow-what Dye calls "accumulated fragments of dream moments, ambiguous casual magic, and hushed narratives."

Tease photo

Review Roundup 1-9

We take a look at the games of late 2007/early 2008.