Deadwood Edition Issue #179

January 22, 2008

Aces Wired

Young Kansans rake in real money playing online poker

Click. Cole Robinson has just entered a third game. In heads-up no-limit Texas hold 'em online poker, where a card or a bet comes every few seconds, three games at once is about all Robinson can handle when he's feeling sharp. And today he isn't. "Too much caffeine," he says distractedly over a drone of rapid-fire mouse clicks. "And I kind of need to eat something."

Actual News*

*:based on actual news

Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

This August, Lawrence's E.M.U. Theatre will celebrate10 years of broke-ass independent productions that somehow manage a consistent quotient of awesomeness. Such undertakings rely on the tenacious dedication of the E.M.U. crew, the support of the community and places like Ecumenical Christian Ministries, which has hosted countless community events throughout the years.

Save & Splurge

Surfin' E.U.D.O.R.A.

Hang Ten with America's Most Landlocked Surf Band

Though they claim no direct lineage to their eastward municipal namesake, The Eudoras do own one of Lawrence's most distinctive honors: being the first band to play at the Replay Lounge. Of course, given the cock-and-bull yarns typically spun by Kory Willis and Jon Harrison, that could be a load of cockamamie.


:gone green edition!!!

Free band name suggestions: Brick Sonic View, Enter the Cruzer, Indelible Swine, Project Project, Gangrene Vixen, Blister Kiss, This Band Is Seriously F*cking Scary, Audacity of the Romans, Avarice & Lotta Gall, Dirty Fink, Dildo Fever, Vile Vagabondz:

Beyond Puppet Dome

Stuffing flies as foul-mouthed troupes engage in "Puppet Wars"

This town just ain't big enough for two packs of puppets. To prove the point, The Felt Show and the Shitty Deal Puppet Theater will settle their raging Tourrette's turf war in mortal combat. What began as innocent smack talk in's comments space soon escalated into full-on puppecidal mania.

Double Review: Contra 4 (DS) and Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)

We take a look at two remarkably similar portable titles from Konami.

Brownback is second best fundraiser for quarter - in West Virginia

GOP presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., raised $28,520 in West Virginia during the second quarter, losing out only to Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. He still trails in the GOP money race overall.

Religious awakening ended hatred of Clintons, Brownback says in book

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback's new book received media attention this weekend.