Deadwood Edition Issue #203

July 8, 2008

A Decade of Debauchery

10 years of wine, women, and wolf crotches with "The Victor Continental Show"

The Victor Continental Show has been lauded with many superlatives over its impressive decade-long run. This intrinsic pillar of the Lawrence arts could alternately be described as a raucous variety program harkening back the heyday of Vaudeville, or as an incisive sketch comedy revue satirizing our culture's innumerable foibles a la Swift or Voltaire. But perhaps nothing captures the essence of The Victor Continental Show with more precision, or more insight, than labeling it a "Tijuana Crime Scene."

Actual news*

*based on actual news

Master of Chaos

Local writer David Ohle's new novel hailed as black, rich and fecund

The Pisstown Parasite has transformed masses of people into stinking, decaying wanderers. An all-powerful leader, Reverend Hooker, American Divine, is continually shifting people all over the place, from Pisstown to Indian Apple to Bum Bay to Permanganate Island, at random.

Save & Splurge

Welcome back, Brandon

Brandon Rush reintroduced his old aggressive self in Saturday night's win, and reintroduced himself to the top of The Keegan Ratings.