Deadwood Edition Issue #196

May 20, 2008

Off the Fairway

Vinland Natural Nine takes golf from country club to country

Richard Morantz lives in an old trailer. A couple of holes have worn their way through his blue trousers, which are held up by a pair of suspenders. His curly, overgrown hair is thick with humidity. Pulling up the gravel driveway to his 80-acre spread south of town on a warm spring day, you get the feeling this would be a good place to hole up when the rapture arrives, but about the last place you would think to go for a round of golf.

Actual News*

*...based on actual news

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Sea Change

Unwed Sailor's Johnathon Ford discusses "Little Wars" and his fling with Lawrence

Johnathon Ford grew up with an appetite for movie soundtracks, Disney scores and classical music. Those obsessions inform his body of work as Unwed Sailor, an instrumental band that has routinely changed members and styles during its 10-year run.

Kickin' the Truth to the Youth

Local rapper Richard "GQ" Thomas schools Lawrence High hip-hoppers

Who is that rapper poisoning the delicate minds of our youths with the hippity-hop? After searching low and high, we found that it's none other than local rapper and BombSquad member Richard "GQ" Thomas.

Down the ArtHole

The electoral collage of City Commissioner Boog Highberger

For better or for ill, the supremely unorthodox Dennis "Boog" Highberger has come to epitomize the supreme unorthodoxy of the city where he serves as commissioner. Since 2003, the gangly guy seen zipping around town on his three-wheeled recumbent bicycle has served on the Lawrence City Commission as the reliably progressive voice of the people.


: blase edition!!!

Congratulations, reader! You've checked in at just the right time, for this is the first semi-regular installment of a new feature, WORDS OF THE DAY.

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Review: Mario Kart (Wii)

Mario Kart has always been the ultimate "casual" game. Growing up, even if your friends didn't like video games, they liked Mario Kart. Non-gamers of all kinds have tossed a red shell at one point or another. It's only fitting (and inevitable) that the franchise makes its first appearance on the ultimate "casual" console.

What system do you play?

What games do you play and why?