Deadwood Edition Issue #221

November 11, 2008

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Actual News*

*based on actual news

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Spy Candy

Local guys design 007 title sequence, save the world

Naked women and lazers... "that's how we pitch every title design that our studio's ever done." -Timmy Fisher, MK12's Title Design Director for the new Bond film "Quantum of Solace."

Torch Song

The legacy of Jana Mackey burns bright in the 1,100 Torches Campaign

A mother in Oregon is compelled for the first time to donate her services to homeless outreach. Halfway across the country in Nebraska, a woman with no particular background in community organizing spearheads a statewide clothing drive for a shelter in Kansas. In New Mexico, yet another woman is driven from complacency and begins volunteering at a rape crisis center. The only tie connecting these seemingly disparate people is they are first time activists-and they were all inspired to this newfound activism by Jana Mackey.

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Save & Splurge: Audrey Bellinder

I don't have a bank and I don't have any government IDs or anything like that. I just keep it in a box I made. I don't really trust banks...

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The Lord Speaketh

Hammerlord lays down the metal/not-metal gauntlet

Tt takes about two hellraising seconds to figure out that Hammerlord is most definitely metal. Earth-scorching guitar leads, double-bass-drum blasts, guttural vocals, lyrics about spilt blood and the "Throne of Azathoth" metal like the wolf. It's even got a drum solo on it how metal is that?!!! Plenty of bands would give their first Anthrax tape to be this metal, but few succeed so quickly and convincingly.

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Townie guide to... townie pride

With Annie Harrigan-Visual Arts Education student, KJHK DJ, Big Sister, collects star bits, stops, smells roses, high fives and smiles, smacks down at trivia when she has $5 to spare

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Style Scout: Yuri Zupancic

Artist, curator for DotDotDot Art Space, roller blader, and musician

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Style Scout: Katy Seibel

Copywriter and editor for Payless ShoeSource and writer of the fashion blog, Kansas Couture

Bush's numbers tanking, Rove gets vicious

Thou shalt not bear false witness.