Deadwood Edition Issue #218

October 20, 2008

Actual News*

*based on actual news

Hot, Throbbing Talk

"Kansas in Heat" talk show helps you get your freaky deaky on

If you've got a premature ejaculation problem and/or a shoe fetish you're afraid to bring up with your partner, then "Kansas in Heat" wants to hear from you. This KJHK call-in show has been fielding questions about everything from chronic masturbation to kinky pillow talk for over a year now, and they've yet to drain the well when it comes to issues of sex and relationships.

Tighten Up

Lawrence's freshest soul DJs discuss the art of wax-stacking

Brian Sears would gladly sell his soul for a stock copy of a rare and beautiful 45rpm record, but that doesn't disqualify him from spinning choice soul sides. The host of The Breakdown a monthly dance party at the Eighth Street Taproom is in good company in Lawrence, where vintage soul records are regularly dusted off and blasted on loudspeakers by co-conspirators like Sarah Brokenleg (a.k.a. Sadie Soul) and Josh Powers (a.k.a. SceneboosterSoundsystem).

100 People With Guns At Their Heads: Intro to Popology

Which is the more historically important figure: Karl Marx or Sigmund Freud?