Deadwood Edition Issue #242

April 14, 2009

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Save & Splurge: Lindsay Major

I know people hate merlot these days, but if you find a really good one, it can be amazing.

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Townie Guide to … Aw, screw it, who the hell cares?

Tim Hjersted, Films for Action media revolutionary

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The Fierce and the Fabulous

Lawrence fashion scene raises roof, awareness

God help us — Lawrence is hosting two fashion shows on the same day.

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Don’t Adjust Your Antenna

KC’s Antennas Up puts their nerdiness to the test

We often forget that not all nerds are created equal. Luckily, the Kansas City band Antennas Up is here to set everyone straight.

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Style Scout: Will Vannerson

Utility chic.

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Style Scout: Christian Kennedy

Hangover chic.

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Flaccid Election

Actual News Nugs*

Lawrence voters make an indifference at the ballot box.

Rain Barrels!

Need a reason to be excited about the rain?

Paella Primavera

Say it with me. PIE- YAY- YAH.