Deadwood Edition Issue #232

February 3, 2009

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The Reconstruction Will Not Be Televised

Unraveling Lawrence’s most explosive underground newspaper, 40 years later

Forty years ago this month, a group of Lawrence radicals published the first issue of what has to be Lawrence’s most incendiary newspaper to date.

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Here Comes Thickness

Aaron Marable returns to Lawrence with “Thick as Thieves”

After some far flung detours to Costa Rica and California, painter Aaron Marable is ready to make another go at the Lawrence art scene.

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Actual news*

*...based on actual news

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week...and make fun.

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Meet the New Boss

Fix-it specialist David Leamon steps up to guide the Lawrence Arts Center through uncertain times.

New Lawrence Arts Center Director David Leamon is faced with the Obama-like challenge of resurrecting an ailing institution in tough economic times, and of regaining the respect of local artists, many of whom now criticize the LAC's exhibition policies as largely unrepresentative of Lawrence's varied and vibrant arts scene.

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Townie Guide to... weathering an economic holocaust

Staying drunk for the decade is a great idea.

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Save & Splurge: Natalie McAnulla

I drink more than I eat. That saves money on food.

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Style Scout: Mick Cottin

My hip-hop name is Billy Gay Cyrus.

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Style Scout: Marilyn Haines

I'm inspired by Elizabeth Berkley's character in "Showgirls."