Jello Biafra

Following the demise of the Dead Kennedys in the wake of the financial and emotional disaster that was their 1986 obscenity trial, vocalist and free-speech icon Jello Biafra launched a solo career, devoting some of his releases to spoken-word observations on American culture and politics and others to collaborative efforts with several bands. This evening's spoken word performance should be as incendiary as it is insightful and humorous, particularly given the current state of national and international affairs. Biafra will give his classic rants and 'info-tainment' about the evils of Bush and Gore, the Drug War, free speech, censorship and the religious right, as well as new and updated information about the War In Iraq, American Corporate Imperialism, the Military Industrial Complex, and new American Hitlers of Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Bush and Ridge and the war on culture.Doors open at 6pm. No alcohol. www.alternativetentacles.comWashburn Univ., Henderson Bldg room 100 (Slight possibility that the room or bldg may change in case of sell-out; announcements will be made in that case, and directions will be available)


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