Sacred and Profane

Performance by Kip Haaheim, Daniel Asia and Janet Davidson-Hues

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

Kip Haaheim received his masters degree incomposition from the University of Minnesota and hisdoctorate in composition from the University ofArizona. His specialty is in the field ofelectro-acoustic music and sound design with aparticular interest in collaborative media. Kip is onthe faculty at the University of Kansas teachingElectro-acoustic Music, Composition, and Music Theory.Daniel Asia has been the recipient of the mostcompetative grants and fellowships in music includingMeet the Composer reader's Digest ConsortiumCommission. United Kingdom Fulbright Arts AwardFellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, four NEAComposers Grants, a M.B. Rockefeller Grant, an AaronCopland Fund for Music Grant, McDowell Colony andTanglewood Fellowships, and many more. The composer'smajor orchestral works include four symphonies, apiano concerto, a cello concerte, 2 song cycles andnumberous short works. Mr. Asia has been on thefaculty at the faculty at the University of Arizonasince 1989, and is presently Professor of Music andhead of the Compsition Department.Janet Davidson-Hues is a well known visual/performanceartist who is currently specializing in digital video art. Shedivides her time between here and New York. She lives in Lawrence and teaches at KU.


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