Tech N9ne / Skatterman and Snug Brim / Vertigo / BG Bulletwound

Nightmare After Christmas show

Uptown Theater

Note -- date changed from the 27th. General admission.Tech will always be from KC, but soon he and many of his crew will be moving their ops to LA, a logical step needed to take his music to the next level. Fans used to a dozen or more shows a year will have make due with one or two hometown appearances. Tech says this show -- his first since July -- may be it until summer.His second 'Absolute Power' single -- "Imma Tell" -- recently hit BET and M2. Given Tech's talent and work ethic, it may not be long before he's in rap's uppermost echelon. When Lawrence/KC hip-hop gets a spot on the national map, Tech N9ne will no doubt be hailed as the 'originator.' And damn if he doesn't deserve it. Tech has powered his way through a decade of hardships and haters, back-stabbing and broken contracts to get bigger and badder every year. His lyrical talent has earned him props from Tupac, Eminem, and many more.

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