Bastille Day celebration

Bourgeois Pig

TANT PIS ("You look nice.")I am Reynaud. Frenchman.I know to say I am French is delighting in the culottes of Kansas -- but it is not for me to say (this is a warning).I present for les beaux Messieurs Patrons :: Charles Belmondo & Russell Aznavour, for invitings to you, 14 July, The Bastille Day...when Frenchmans have swollen ...enrage! crazy! ...for punishings the pigs of the bourgeoisie.Crampons! Galettes! Pustules! Aubergines! I too enrage (it is French).NOTICE: This is not one invitation for punishing;next day, perhaps (with the cellular).This day is a propulsion of Frenchy things: 1. le fromage, to Frenchmans, the sexy fetus;2. the confusing perfumes (l air du corps);3. the camaraderie (eh, lache ca!);4. many circular fruits (zut! alors);5. les grosses dildeaux danceants (I make joke);6. the baguette (my love!), beaucoups des verres duvin;and later, the pinching, and rolling of heads...perhaps.Who knows? (You bore me). Is the flower evil?Have no-one tell you the carnation is rude?It is French! And it is running away.Then so, I have said it, this invitation:"This is not a pipe." (I warn you.)DO NOT FORGET IT.I cannot.Au frottage,("Your friend")R. WEAR THE BERET.


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