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Pleasure Forever / The Secretions / Unknown Pleasures

El Torreon

From their site :: Pleasure Forever is prescription for a nightmare: a sonic heart attack in a gelatin-filled room which seizes your muscular control while waves of liquid animal parts ripple past. Dark and surreal, suffused with a crisp electric terror like a tazer hit in a kiddie pool filled with blood, this trio showers you with lavish gifts while slowly drugging you. When you finally realize what they've done to you, it's too late: you're trapped in the music's powerful embrace.The third incarnation of singer/keyboardist Andrew Rothbard, guitarist Joshua Hughes, and drummer David Clifford's collaboration, Pleasure Forever formed in 2000 when the trio changed their name from Slaves. In the mid-'90s they played in the arty punk band VSS, releasing a handful of singles and the album Nervous Circuits before the group disbanded in 1997. VSS' dark, angular approach influenced their next project, Slaves, although their 1998 EP and 1999 full-length, The Devils Pleasures, also hinted at a newfound, hedonistic glamour. By the time the millennium rolled around the group was known as Pleasure Forever, and their 2001 self-titled album celebrated their new name as well as the band's increasingly decadent sound. Two years later Sub Pop issued their second album, Alter, their most theatrical and accessible work yet. For more go to http://www.epitonic.com/


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