Beehive & the Barracudas


from their publicist::The Beginning of 2003 saw Beehive & the Barracudas producer Derek "Snee" McGee at the top of his game. McGee had just finished building and gathering vintage gear for the new Strange Sounds studio in anticipation of recording The Cudas 3rd album, "In Dark Love" for Swami Records. With the studio climate just right, the cudas were once again joined by original vocalist/organ player Traci Haze (ex- the wets). After her two-album absence, the James Jamerson of organ was back. "The new quintets sound is beyond steel and nature." -Detroit Press >From the opening lick of the albums first cut,"Black Dove", the group weaves behind, on, and in front of, their signature pulse rhythm, belligerent to the standard laid out by the "New Modern" acts of the day. A truly 21st century recording, "In Dark Love" combines a strangely psychedelic mix of electrifying Plastic Soul (Whip out my Pistol, Love is a Bitch, Action) and Blight Blues (Up in Flames, Scat Noir Thriller, Ape-Soul). The 'CUDAS make a different breed of music, yet not the type in need of an acquired taste or some weird for weird's sake musical jack-off.. WSS Radio DJ, Gene Adams explains the primitive side of Beehive & the Barracudas music: "In Dark Love is primitive in the purest sense. It just sounds right to my earsthe words speak to me. Hey Gene, lower your brow, lengthen your arms, and let your ape soul out. Feel the way you look, you simian'". It's amazing that we're even talking about this record at all. Shortly after the final mixes were made, a piece of Derek's vintage gear inside the studio caught on fire. The fire ate away at much of the studio and the adjoining house, destroying almost everything. Not to be let down by nature, the "In Dark Love" masters were in Derek's '78 Subaru hatchback (en route to the mastering lab) and luckily escaped. Although the Strange Sounds studio will never be the same, left behind is some classic music. Beehive & the Barracudas' "In Dark Love" touches the taint of even the most hardened critics. "Above and beyond the record just sounding incredibly insane on my stereo, it truly is the freshest disc to come through the shop in a long time!" - legendary Boston record maniac/audio restorationist Skippy White.


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