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The Nada Surf trio -- Matthew Caws, Daniel Lorca, and Ira Elliot -- has been playing music, and listening to it, long enough to know exactly what kind of band they want to be --- which, at this point, is exactly the band they are. On their latest release "Let Go," Nada Surf channels all the bands they grew up with (The Modern Lovers, Big Star, New Order, etc.), as well as their like-minded peers (Flaming Lips, Guided by Voices, Frank Black, Teenage Fanclub, etc.) -- taking everything they love about rock, and everything they love about pop, and playing it their way. Not afraid to be a little dark, to want to fall in love, to admit they've got problems, to show their bruises, to make things danceable, to sing about fruit flies, or, most importantly, to make a record that answers to no one but themselves. Nada Surf has learned a lot over the years. That's what makes them good. What makes them great, though, is what they've known all along.more on www.nadasurf.comBy the time Sondre Lerche had released his major label debut (2002's critically-acclaimed Faces Down), the then-19 year-old Norwegian wunderkind was already a veteran of the music world. Signed to Virgin Norway in 2000, Lerche released the chart-topping EP You Know So Well in February 2001. A commercially successful follow-up EP (No One's Gonna Come) was released in June of the same year, accompanied by numerous local performances and increasing industry praise. Lerche's distinctive voice and natural talent for writing appealing and alternately sunny and melancholic pop tunes quickly established him as a definite contender for significance throughout Europe and beyond.Born and raised in Bergen, Norway, Sondre Lerche was weaned on the 80's pop that emanated from his older siblings' rooms. Compelled by a defining fascination for bands such as A-ha, the Beach Boys, and PreFab Sprout, Lerche began formal guitar instruction at age eight. Not satisfied with the lessons at school, Lerche experimented with original tunes on his own, eventually penning his first song, "Locust Girl" at fourteen. Lerche performed acoustic gigs at the club where his sister worked while he was still under age, and was 'discovered' by Norwegian producer H.P. Gundersen. Under Gundersen's mentorship, Lerche was exposed to diverse music genres, including psychedelia, 60's pop, and mainstream Brazilian music, broadening his appreciation for eclectic music styles. Around this time Lerche also met up with Oslo-based manager Tatiana Penzo, leading up to a deal with Virgin Norway.The songs from Faces Down had been completed before winter 2000 but postponed for release until Lerche fulfilled several academic requirements. In the interim, he was named Best New Act at the Norwegian Grammys (Spellemannprisen) and performed locally in support of major acts such as Beth Orton. Faces Down was officially released in Norway in September 2001 and gradually throughout all of Europe. Lerche toured with various acts, including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the stage with his long-time idols, A-ha, in Oslo. Autumn 2002 saw Lerche's first major tour of the United States and the release of Faces Down in America on Astralwerks. more on www.sondrelerche.comKC pop rockers the People have already toured the country with Nada Surf and Sondre Lerche, but they should be particularly excited to play in front of a hometown crowd.Read more about The People.

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