nov 7

Anything But Joey CD Release / Pomeroy / The Dog and Everything / Grasshopper Takeover


These days, there's but a handful of Lawrence rock bands that get 100s of superfans out (rain or shine) every single show. Like the Get Up Kids or Fakebook, ABJ packs the big venues with all kinds, singing along en masse, actually participating in movement approximating dancing. It's an amazing spectacle for an otherwise 'local' show. Anything buy janky.

You might have heard

Song Artist
Better Than You Anything But Joey Add to playlist
Girl Roommate Anything But Joey Add to playlist
One Anything But Joey Add to playlist
Billy The Id Pomeroy Add to playlist
Droppin' Pomeroy Add to playlist
Elevate Pomeroy Add to playlist
I Believe Pomeroy Add to playlist
Someday Surfer Pomeroy Add to playlist
The Beat Goes On Pomeroy Add to playlist


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