UDK Battle of the Bands


Sponsored by the University Daily KansanFrom their website: The show features seven bands battling for your love and applause, as well as fun freebies from Republic Records. The show will start off with Kozmo, formerly known as Filibuster, pop rockers who blend angst and sincerity with audible lyrics and catchy melodies. Sweet Sassy Molassy follows with a female-fronted mix of styles ranging from straight rock to reggae-inspired rhythms. Then, hang on to your hats, it's the Mark Lyda Combo. If you've seen them play Tunes At Noon, then you know what a fun, energetic show these folk-rockers put on. Mr. Bilistic comes next with fresh, cheeky hip-hop that titillate you and make you dance. Then enjoy the reggae and calypso fusion of Riva. Fronted by Trinidad native Adrian Bartholomew, this band will have you swaying and shimmying in no time. After Riva comes Captain Overreact, purveyors of synth-driven rock and roll and wild fun. The catchy, poppy jams of Tri Point Paradox round out the evening. Tickets to this fantastic shindig are a mere $3 for those of you lucky enough to 21+ and an equally mere $5 for those 18 and over. Do yourself a favor and drop on by.

You might have heard

Song Artist
Don't Tell Me Never Captain Overreact Add to playlist
Monster Captain Overreact Add to playlist
She Drinkey Captain Overreact Add to playlist
Clouds Kozmo Add to playlist
Oceans Away Kozmo Add to playlist
Untitled Kozmo Add to playlist
Back of the Rain RIVA Add to playlist
Pass Me By RIVA Add to playlist
Resurrection RIVA Add to playlist


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