oct 2

Lightning Bolt plus special guest

Stray Cat

YOUR FACE PRESENTS LIGHTNING BOLT + SPECIAL GUEST > AT THE STRAY CAT, 1319 GRAND, KCMO, $6 DONATION, 7:30 PM > CALL 816 522 4078 OR INFO@DONTYOUFEELBETTER.COM > LOVE JAIMIE AND SETH (MOSTLY SETH) >> Hey, I am one of the "special guests" on 10/2 @ > Stray> Cat.>If you could pop my name on there and maybe use ashort description:-----------------------------This Is My Condition is Craig Comstock ( ex-BlackCalvin, ex-Many Series, ex-Chubby Smith & HisOrchestra, ex-KU New Music Ensemble ) in aone-man-band concoction which defies standards ofbehavior we have all come to enjoy at rock shows:volume, structure, abstraction and disassociation.--------------------------------thanks :D-craig


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