apr 3

Cory Phillips' Superlove

Stray Cat

Redwine soulrocker, Cory Phillips plugs in his group Superlove for a one of a kind evening at The Stray Cat(on Grand between 13th and 14th) in Kansas City on Saturday night 4/3...Just in from SoCal, he sings, strums, and leads a posse of sexually empowered gypsies, vixens, and sensualites through hours of soul songs that sound like ones you never heard on Motown in the 60s or from California in the 70s, but they're his, and as he gives, they become yours. I've seen him play in the area before he left, and though the audiences are usually wild and rampant, the music just rushes into you like a fragrance or idea whispered from a ghost. Expect some solo, some trio, some full tilt soul rock in an inspiring, madhouse evening (the stray cat is a new and magical 3 story fun house with private dark rooms and wall to wall art. One of the best to write/sing in this area and the best time this weekend for sensual soul rock. (P.S. Bring a date...)


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