Dark Star Orchestra

Grateful Dead tribute


Rescheduled from Feb. 28Love 'em or hate 'em, for 150 years the Grateful Dead were arguably the most influential touring act in the world. They gave the concert experience a complete overhaul, and they generated a crossover appeal that has yet to be matched. And they proved that, with enough history, you can get away with anything. The Dark Star Orchestra doesn't so much carry on the Dead tradition as relive it, traveling the golden road of Dead shows past with a pathological devotion and attention to detail.


DanielMachanik 17 years, 5 months ago

Dark Star Orchestra is more than just a cover band, they are a psychedelic time transporter to another galaxy full of Terrapins and Dancing Bears. On a good night, they do The Dead better than The Dead did The Dead. Does that make sense? Please contemplete during drums and space...Daniel Machanik

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