Embargo Bash

Liberty Hall Cinema

Suggested donations: $6The Embargo Bash, sponsored by Latin American Solidarity, is to raise awareness regarding the U.S. embargo on Cuba, including recent stepped-up actions by the Administration to deny American citizens their constitutional right to travel. As many of you are aware, the U.S. government has singled out Cuba as the only country on earth where it is illegal for U.S. citizens to travel to. American's caught "illegally" travelling to Cuba are subject to fines of up to $220,000.00 and 10 years in prison, per violation! The event will feature some of Lawrence's finest musical groups including:· Band That Saved the World, · Lee McBee and the Confessors, · Swing Canyon, and · the Billy Spears Band. Speakers will include: · Kevin Albrecht, assistant to Rep. Dennis Moore who will read a personal statement from the congressman; · Kevin Willmott, director/producer of C.S.A. a movie recently featured at the Sundance Film Festival; · environmental artist Stan Herd; · Cuban born civil rights attorney Pedro Irigonegary;· Phil Minkin of the Douglas County ACLU;· San Francisco attorney Bill Martinez, producer of the groundbreaking Musical Bridges to Cuba, the first cultural exchange project between the US and Cuba since the imposition of the embargo in 1962 and attorney for all Cuban musicians touring the US including the Buena Vista Social Club. · Cuban born artist, Fito Garche will present an original painting based on Augelli's recent struggle with the U.S. government over Cuba travel. · The Douglas County League of Women Voters will be registering voters. Latin American Solidarity will have an informational booth. Money raised at this benefit will be used for the Rosa Blanca Project and to offset a recent fine imposed by the U.S. government on Bob Augelli for travel to Cuba. Dr. Augelli is the project director of the Rosa Blanca Project, a cultural exchange program with Cuba (www.rosablanca.org). The Rosa Blanca Project has already created a permanent environmental art piece in Havana by artist Stan Herd. Herd and Augelli are continuing their efforts to obtain renewal of their license from the U.S. Department of Treasury to pursue additional artistic exchange programs and other efforts aimed at normalizing relations with Cuba. For more information: drrumba@sunflower.com or call 785-843-5050

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