The Crystal Method / DJ Hybrid


Crystal Method made a mark on the electronica scene back in the 90s by combining dance moves with rock grooves, trademarked by infectious synth lines and thundering electronic drums. Many more people likely know the music than know the band by name -- cuts by the L.A. duo have been featured in dozens of movies. Along with the Prodigy and the Chemical Bros., Crystal Method helped propel big beat electronica into mainstream and steered a new generation of musicians away from guitars toward drum machines and laptops.Crystal Method is back with a new album that is keyed for live shows. Uptempo is the motto for Legion of Boom. Lots of big beats and sweeping keys mixed with guitar keeps the tracks bouncing in a party groove. Their style has matured into a band that is comfortable being themselves and has honed its skills playing hundreds of live shows. And from past shows in Lawrence, I can attest they are well worth checking out. -- Dedric Moore


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