Lily Mason's Introduction to Clogg Dancing Workshop

Americana Music Academy

Appalachian style clogg dancing is a form of rhythmic, percussive dance that has its roots in African, English and Irish step-dancing and Cherokee buck dancing. It is performed as an accompaniment to live old-time music. It's like playing drums with your feet. Clogging can be done with a partner, in formations (choreographed dances similar to Irish step dancing like "River Dance") or individually with no pattern - freestyling -- when a clogger dances with no pre-set steps, just following the music and acting as percussion -- a large part of the clogging tradition. This is why clogging and old time music fit so well together, each is highly based on improvisation within a standard format. It's a pretty simple, accessible sport. In this workshop we will cover each area described, and do it to the accompaniment of old time musicians. You will need tap shoes or hard leather soled shoes.


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