Sebadoh / Tom Heinl / Riddle of Steel


Long before Dashboard Confessional, broken-hearted sensitive men locked themselves in basements and poured their hearts onto crappy 8-tracks without the help of pomade and a backyard tattoo parlor. These men - Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and a rotating drummer seat - were Sebadoh, the poster children of '90s lo-fi indie rock (Guided By Voices what?) and cult heroes to countless Chuck Taylor-toting indie slacker prototypes. While Barlow has spent the majority of the last five years working on his side-project-turned-fluke-mainstream-success band The Folk Implosion, this tour represents a reunion of sorts for the original duo of Barlow and Loewenstein. Taking a cue from The Flaming Lips, the "Turbo Acoustic Tour" will feature Barlow and Loewenstein rocking over a ghost-in-the-machine drummer.


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