"Kansas Radicals Exposed!" calendar release with Vibralux

Wearing nothing but a red-and-black Anarchist flag, Sarah Taylor smiles sheepishly at the camera. The local activist is modeling for the 2005 Kansas Radicals Exposed calendar. The Kansas Anarchist Calendar Collective (KACC) releases the calendar every year as a fundraiser for local organizations. The calendar features local activists modeling in the nude, as well as a radical reading list, poems, and important historical dates. An official release party will be held this Saturday, December 11, at the Solidarity! Radical Library. Calendar models will be signing their pictures, and local band Vibralux will be playing a set.

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Song Artist
Fashionista Vibralux Add to playlist
Single Vibralux Add to playlist
Space Fags Vibralux Add to playlist
Turn On Vibralux Add to playlist
TVBF Vibralux Add to playlist


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