Choad / Dark Matter / SideWise


Lawrence's Choad probably would have fit nicely into the "goofy mid-'90s alt-rock format" alongside Butthole Surfers, Toadies or The Meat Puppets. The nimble three-piece won't be scoring many hipster points with grungy titles like "Cannibal Rat" and "Lobsters, Cocaine and Whores." Fortunately, Choad's musical abilities far outdistance its juvenile lyrics (and band name). Openers Dark Matter deliver M-E-T-A-L to the core, while SideWise scored the so-called "Club Wars" crown with its Tool-inspired hard rock.

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Song Artist
Lobsters, Cocaine & Whores Choad Add to playlist
Who Got Ripped Off Choad Add to playlist
Decorporealization Dark Matter Add to playlist
Gran'ma Land Dark Matter Add to playlist
Homosapiens Dark Matter Add to playlist


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