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Hometown Film Festival


Subtext: A Love Story, dir: Chris OrdalA comical look at the true meanings behind the things we say in casual conversation. Cellular, dir: Patrick ReaThe future of the world as we know it: a world in which cell phones become so important to our daily existence, that they become attached to the faces of the people who carry them. Let There Be Light, dir: Phil ZamanA young man questions life, after seeing the death of his friend. When he gets stabbed in an alley, late one night, he has to decide what to believe. Public Education, dir: Chris OrdalA satire of the current educational status of our nation, and the government's inability to fix the problems found within. South Pacific, dir: Mallory YundA music video that show the behind-the-scenes production of the play, South Pacific. Thief In The Night, dir: Patrick ReaThe interweaving stories of people throughout a town, caught in the same moment of time, and the strangers who come for them. Ultralove Ninja, dir: MK12Beautifully animated, this piece showcases the work of a strong new force in today's animation world. MK12 is located in Kansas City. mk12.comAgenda Suicide, dir: MK12Music video, produced by MK12, for the Omaha band, The Faint. mk12.comThe Follower, dir: Brad RoszellA young woman is stalked through the streets of her city. Soundtrack provided by the Lawrence band, Filibuster. Man Versus Refrigerator, dir: Jeremy OsbernA post-modern take at French Surrealism; dealing with the difficulties a man can face, when repeatedly confronted by refrigerators that fall from the sky. Shadow of the Czar, dir: Mark von SchlemmerA fast paced, musical, video poem. Daily Lives of Dummies, dir: Sara HusligA day in the life of wooden dummies, told through stop-animation. Ideal, dir: Chris BlunkA writer searches for the perfect story, for beauty, and for love. The Day, dir: Spencer RobertsA computer animation that tells the story of what happened the day Marvin Gaye and Phillis got married... Internal Digestion, dir: Matt ToplikarInner dialogues and the stomach's inner workings tell the story in this off the wall comedy. Eric C's, dir: Eric CaugheyAn experimental, effects-driven video, featuring the music of Matt Caughey. The Fascist of X-Mart, dir: Chris BlunkJustin, your friendly neighborhood X-Mart employee, is bored with his job, so he decides to take fellow employee Angela as his mistress and lead a rebellion against the robbers who constantly threaten the store... at least, that's what he thinks. Ellipsis, dir: Manuel Perez-TajadaAn experimental journey through the mind a man on the search to find the perfect shape, and to fill in the things he left out. TeleVision, dir: Jeremy OsbernA day in the life of a TV, as seen in the reflection of the TV. Patterns of Thread, dir: Patrick ReaBased on the Ray Bradbury story, "Embroidery." The Passion, dir: Jeremy OsbernA young couple dances through the extremes of human passion -- from lust to love, from obsession to murder. Confederate States of America (trailer), dir: Kevin WillmottKevin Willmott's portrayal of what would have happened if the south had won the civil war. The film has been chosen as an official selection of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. A trailer will be shown at Hometown. More info


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