Midwest Ska Fest: Ruskabank / Ophil / The Bteam


Does anybody know what ska wave we're currently riding? Last time I checked, it was the third wave. Then again, last time I checked I was in 10th grade, and that was probably about the time that Ruskabank and Ophil reached the height of their popularity. Nevertheless, these two local skank-inducers have shown a more steely resolve than T3 when it comes to withering the ups and downs of the ska scene (a far less daunting task, granted, than going back in time to prevent the Rise of the Machines). Ruskabank, for one, has probably "broken up" as many times as Gov. Schwarzenegger has changed careers. Nonetheless, these bands represent the cream of the crop in the local ska scene (is there such a thing?), so here's your excuse to dust off that two-tone suit and pork pie cap and hit the dance floor.- Gintowt

You might have heard

Song Artist
Fear of Flying Matfield Green Add to playlist
Two Weeks Matfield Green Add to playlist
Wowmomwow Matfield Green Add to playlist
Give It Up Ruskabank Add to playlist
I Been Around Ruskabank Add to playlist
Lover's Sea Ruskabank Add to playlist
My Friends Ruskabank Add to playlist


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