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YEF comes with the high-energy guitar rock and tenacity reminescent of its influences like Nirvana and Fugazi. Likewise Lawrence's Brighton Line will rock you, though all the while easing your troubled soul with poppy emo solace.From the band: Your Enemies Friends, formed in late 2001, comprised of Ronnie Washburn (vocals, guitar), Dana James (bass, vocals), Allen Watke (guitar), Luis-Carlos Contreras (drums), and Aska Matsumyia (keyboards). After inlisting the help of Producer Alex Newport (At the drive-in, The Locust, Mars Volta), Your Enemies Friends immediately began recording "TheWiretap-EP". Picked up by Buddyhead Records a month later; "The Wiretap-Ep" was re-released to much acclaim in underground circles. "The Wiretap is one of the most stellar and impressive debuts our ears have ever experienced" - Kerrang! Magazine.In the Spring of 2002, Your Enemies Friends began the touring schedule that would keep them out for the next 19 months. Your Enemies Friends started out by sharing the stage with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Blonde Redhead, The Promise Ring, The Mars Volta, The Icarus Line & Hella. Followed up by extensive tours throughout The United States, Canada and Europe with the The Donnas, Pretty Girls Make Graves & Superdrag."The Wiretap-Ep was basically a demo tape that got out of hand and kept us out on tour for a year and a half. And after touring that long off songs we wrote the first month of being a band, we decided we were ready to make a record." - Ronnie Washburn.Recorded in the Summer of 2003 with the aid of Cameron Webb (Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Danzig) & Curtis Mathewson (Motorhead, Train), Your Enemies Friends' self produced full-length, "You Are Being Videotaped" was released in March of 2004. The much anticipated disc saw the bands paranoid urgency and schizophrenic dynamics further highlighted by adding string arrangements and electronic elements. "You Are Being Videotaped" is proof that Your Enemies Friends have the ability to mature and continue to grow as artists.2004 started out with a full US and Canadian tour with The Dillinger Escape Plan & The Locust, followed by a tour with Midtown & Armor for Sleep. Your Enemies Friends will be touring The US and Europe throughout the year.Your Enemies Friends was named the House of Blues / Sirius' Emerging Artist of the month (Feburary 2004), Nominated by the Diesel :U: Music Awards as Best New Artist, and as of now (June 22, 2004) Your Enemies Friends has been on the CMJ Top 200 charts for 8 weeks.

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