jun 5

The Capsules / Namelessnumberheadman / The Billions


Three of the most overlooked local talents share the stage for this Saturday night soiree. Fresh off the release of a new album titled "Someone for Everyone", The Capsules bring their female-fronted brand of hypnotic shoegazer rock. Namelessnumberheadman dwells in even more abstract corners of rock, creating sizable sound swells with an array of instruments and only six hands. The Billions keep evolving into a pop mecca, with as many as four songwriters and an emotionally overpowering stage show.

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Song Artist
Hey Girl Billions Add to playlist
I Finally Know Billions Add to playlist
In Japan Billions Add to playlist
Listen To Me Billions Add to playlist
Millions of Miles Billions Add to playlist
The Boulevard Billions Add to playlist
The Reason We Sing Billions Add to playlist
You Are My Girl Billions Add to playlist
I'll Be The One Capsules Add to playlist
Light The Path Capsules Add to playlist
They All Went Quietly Capsules Add to playlist
Every Fiber namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist
Going To Breathe Again namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist
The Beginning namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist


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