mar 8

Sage Francis / Mac Lethal / Grand Buffet

Fuck Clear Channel Tour :: "Changing the Rules to How Shows Get Thrown"


SAGE Francis with a live bandNon-Prophets with a cd playerGrand BuffetKC/Lawrence's very own MAC LETHAL!!!This is an ALL AGES event!!!Tickets are 10$ 21 and over, 11$ under 18. Tickets are available at the Granada or at www.ticketmaster.comAll shows will end a half hour before closing so that no one is rushed out of the club. Security is not allowed to yell at or bully the fans. Since this is the case, be sure to get there early because we are starting the party as soon as we can. Go to or for more information.brought to you by .downplay and umove

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Song Artist
A Cool Breeze Mac Lethal Add to playlist
Earth by Earth Mac Lethal Add to playlist
Pass the Ammo Mac Lethal Add to playlist
The Ghosts of Sperm Mac Lethal Add to playlist


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