Vibralux CD release party at NEON


Lawrence's own cross-dressing glam band plays shock rock with a heavy emphasis on the shock, which the foursome rarely fails to do thanks to its porn shop-worthy lingerie collection and assortment of lascivious sex toy props. Oh yeah, and Vibralux plays music too -- T-Rex- and Bowie-inspired songs with titles like "Space Fags" and "Fashionista." Those songs and 14 more appear on the band's debut full-length "Trans Mission," available for the first time at this show. From the band:Vibralux is a Lawrence, Kansas--based glam band and love child of lead singer, guitarist, and front "person" Mercury II. Drawing inspiration from the glam-glitter era of the early 1970's, Vibralux puts a twist on the genre which may be called "Drag-Rock". The short description is: Loud, bitchy Rock & Roll coupled with an interactive drag show.Preview the album hereThis NEON is all ages...Besides the change in venue, the only thing that has changed are the amazing new drink specials:$0.75 domestic draws and $2.50 Dbl Wells!!!.Prices go as follows:Before 11pm Ladies are FREE.After 11pm, Ladies 18 to 20 are $3, 21 and up $1.Guys 18 to 20 are $5, 21 and up $3."a night totally dedicated to the 80's, new wave, and electro dance music. With resident dj's Cruz and Konsept. Ladies Free!"

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