St. Patrick's Day at the Bourgeois Pig

Irish Food, Drink & Music in Celebration of All Things Emerald....

Bourgeois Pig

GOOD GRIEF - NOT BEEF!I just want to put something straightAbout what should be on your plate,If it's corned beef you're makin'You're sadly mistaken,That isn't what Irishmen ate.(Frances Shilliday 2004: See link above)Tom King, noted culinary expert and food-writer, cooks up a storm of free Irish Stew and soda bread for all local St. Patrick's Day revellers on March 17th at 12 o'clock in the Bourgeois Pig.For any of you who have yet to sample true Irish fare, or indeed familiarize yourselves with what we Irish really eat, you will learn pretty fast that stew and soda bread are far more likely to appear on an Irish dinner table than corned beef and cabbage. The St. Patrick's Day fad for corned beef here is more of an Irish-American tradition than anything native to the Emerald Isle. (See link above)Also remember that St. Patrick's day falls within the 40 day Lent period and for many old Irish Catholics, this means no sweets or sugar or alcohol until Easter Sunday. That said, there are so many atheistic Irish people nowadays, that Lent no longer means much - nor does old St. Padraig himself. Like everywhere else in the world, it has become a day of warding off the rain, watching kitschy floats and finding a spot in the pub to partake in one too many. The Bourgeois Pig will have plenty to (literally!) keep you in the spirit. Harp, Guinness and Murphy's Irish Stout can all do the trick. Irish Whiskeys are also on offer and if you've never had one of those, you are in for a 'hot' treat. Lemon, clove and sugar on top of whiskey and boiling water is the traditional method so let's see what the Pig conjures up. Slan go foill agus Beannacht Libh!Sorcha Hyland-Sidener


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