Justin Roth / Grant Fitch

West Side Folk Series

Gaslight Gardens

Blending intricate guitar work, smooth vocal deliveries and a groove, Justin Roth offers up a rousing potpourri of new acoustic folk. Knowing that he stands on shoulders of those who came before him, he's been compared to the likes of Michael Hedges, David Wilcox, Martin Sexton and Willy Porter. A fan once said that when Justin plays guitar, "it's more than just an instrument but an extension of himself."Seeing him perform, you see what they mean. Take an eye off him for a second, and you would swear that there were more instruments on stage. As a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist, Justin's inventive technique leaves people asking themselves "how'd he do that?" as he expresses a new voice of the guitar. This voice is what creates his unique and engaging sound. His songwriting style is an artful mix ranging from insightful metaphors, to clever stories with a twisted sense of humor, to the familiar imagery of the world around us. Justin was a finalist in the Emerging Artist showcase at the 2003 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and was awarded 2nd place at the 2002 Minnesota Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.


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