nov 4

Matt & Shannon Heaton

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Gaslight Gardens

After years of playing in bands (Siucra, Flavor Channel),husband-and-wife duo Matt and Shannon Heaton have found a more intimate way to bring their strong Irish traditional skills together with theirown American sensibilities. Like moody traditionalists Martin Hayes &Dennis Cahill, alt rockers The White Stripes, neo-bluegrass starsGillian Welch & Dave Rawlings, and the punk-cabaret Dresden Dolls, Matt& Shannon have tapped into the power of two.The lean, flexible format of the duo gives wood flute player/singerShannon and guitarist Matt an ideal setting for their achinglybeautiful melodies and rhythmically muscular dance tunes. More thanany other ensemble, the Heatons are finding that the duo offers spacefor spontaneity, big dynamic contrast, sweeping mood changes, and abold expression of personal style.The Heatons will be playing a number of shows in Kansas this fall. Forthese shows, Matt & Shannon will feature some of their favoritematerial, together with brand new originals. Expect lean and drivingdance tunes, uplifting and heartbreaking songs and a stunningcollection of bittersweet, nostalgic strains.


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