nov 6

Opening reception: Thoughts Like Shed Skin

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

Reception 6pm-10pm Nov. 6th, Showing Nov. 6-23What perfect weather to stroll down to the Olive and see a show such as this. Erica Shamrock and Jay Gordon are installing an eloquent show of decay and entropy in the Olive Gallery this November. Erica and Jay are recent graduates from the University of Kansas Art Department. They are coming together with a shared voice in the way things fall apart. Erica mainly works in sculptural textiles. Jay mostly works with found objects in a sculptural format. The opening reception will be held Saturday, November 6, from 6:00-10:00p.m. Peter Barragan Berard will liven things up this night with his electronically based droning, distorted sound installation of insects and weirdly melodic resonations. The work of young Sam Foster will be featured in the Kid's Corner this month as well.Artist Biography-Jay GordonBorn in 1979, Jay Gordon traveled for the first decade and a half of his life until at the age of eighteen he began attending KU after gaining Kansas residency. Trained by his grandmother to be a painter, he graduated in 2003 with a B.F.A. in Painting. While at school he had the good fortune to come acrosa a good dozen dedicated and disaffected individuals, whom through joint efforts founded both the Grimshaw Gallery and the Lawrence Art Collective. Collaborating on 20 something exhibitions over the course of a year, hundreds of artists were given the opportunity to show and sell their work. Since the dissolution of both organizations in early 2004, Jay has moved to Seattle, Washington, where he continues to practice art and organize community-oriented events.Artist Biography-Erica ShamrockErica Shamrock is 23 years old and recently graduated from the University of Kansas with her BFA in Textile Design. A Chicago native, She moved to Lawrence to attend the University of Kansas. Throughout her career in the Fine Arts program, she found her place in textiles. Erica's work is sculptural, focusing on materials, and processes. Her pieces are based on the concepts of decay, regeneration, and the body. In the works you find a variety of organic materials, latex, iron wiring, and polyurethane. Since graduation, she has been living and working in Lawrence, with future goals of traveling and graduate school.Artists' Statement-Erica Shamrock & Jay GordonComing from different artistic backgrounds, textiles and sculpture respectively, we both seem to have found a common voice in the way things fall apart. Traces of things that were, cocoons and shed skin. There's a sense of mystery, and that seems very seductive. Lower lighting and off-set spots establish the mood for this art accompanied by the droning, distorted, weirdly melodic sounds that fall apart and reconstitute themselves in a site specific sound installation.


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