KJHK's Waxclash DJ Battle

Liberty Hall Cinema

In Lawrence's busy-body hip-hop scene, the KJHK Wax Clash is as much an institution as Friday nights at the Pool Room. This the 7th semi-annual battle will no doubt attract a large crowd of b-boys, b-girls, MCs, DJs, rockers, punkers and distant onlookers from the nether regions of Kansas. 2004 combatants: Aether - Aaron SiblerAlan Paul - Alan PaulBonor Donor - Casey CFedwell - Andrew HadellHazard - Shane RossLo Tek - John TharpMaffro - Matt Morrow-HowellMixdup - Josh SchmidOmnes - Justin RileyProof - Ian SotomayorRayza - M. Ray GeionetySku - Corey AguilarMore info on the kjhk website


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