Red Balloon To Do

Art extravaganza

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

The Olive Gallery and the Ad Astra Galleria present yet another independent exhibition of local artists which will stress the community of artists and art lovers in Lawrence by coordinating multiple galleries and dozens of artists. "The Red Balloon To-Do" will take place on the evening of October 23rd simultaneously at the Olive Gallery (15 East 8th Street), the Ad Astra Galleria (305 West 8th Street), and three other independent venues to be announced the evening of the event. The tickets (which will take the form of red helium balloons on string) will be available for a suggested donation of one dollar. A balloon will gain admittance into any of the participating events. Each venue will offer creative works in a slightly different medium, ranging from painting, photography, and printmaking to performance and multimedia installations. This will be the third time the Lawrence Art Collective has sponsored a one-night showing of recent, original artwork. Last year's "Red Balloon To Do", featured the work of over 100 local artists and musicians. The crowd of nearly a thousand is expected to be out in full force once again, celebrating the diversity of the Lawrence art scene by combining the social atmosphere of Kansas City's First Fridays with the interconnectedness of Lawrence's community.


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