Jason Ryberg reads selections from "Open Letters (to Dark Gods of the Ancient World)"

Prospero's Books

Jason Ryberg is a pathological poet inspired by loneliness, madness, Pablo Neruda, Hank Sr. and Kansas's pastoral backroads. He splits his time between Lawrence and Kansas City and makes frequent stabs at obtaining an English degree when isn't moving heavy objects or driving a truck. You probably don't recognize any of his former bands - The Headbones, Hog Leg, The Metaphysical Hate Review - but you may see him at the Bourgeois Pig or Replay Lounge every now and again. Besides contributing to a number of anthologies, Ryberg, 32, has written two books of poetry: "Devils, Dice and Car Parts" and "Open Letter (to Dark Gods of the Ancient World)."The night's entertainment will also feature KC band The Litigators.


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