Professor Blow-Chi's Thrill Time A-Go-Go Burlesque Show

Jackpot Music Hall

Professor Blow-Chi's Thrill Time A-Go-Go is a vaudeville extravaganza. Blow-Chi (the alter ego, one man band of Brodie Rush) is a highly raunchy, slapstick crooner - ready to douse himself with beer and flop like a fish for the audience's pleasure. But it's the voice, the multi-octave marvel, which grabs the audience and refuses to release them. His re-invention of the solitary cabaret song into an eccentric, electric performance, where all instruments are played by the man himself, is not to be missed. From this demented creature springs the hi-jinks and hilarity of the Thrill Time spectacle. The cast includes the tantalizing vaudeville vixen herself, Temper Tantrum. She is the force of nature behind the Burly-Q Girlie Crew shows. She brings her maelstrom with her when she performs! From the Burly-Q hall of fame come Kiki Severe, dancing and teasing the audience with her lofty allure; the inimitable Etta Vendetta, sultry and dangerous; the titillating Mademoiselle Mielle (Miss Lola), delicate and ferocious; the giggling good times of Peaches Pinkerton and many other ladies of the Kansas City Burly-Q. The show they perform for you combines twisted cabaret singing, dancing (watch those high kicks!) and old-fashioned striptease - just enough to make you blush! The Thrill Time show also brings the hysterically dysfunctional magician, The Amazing Dr. Incredible, to the stage. What more do you need in one night? Magic, mayhem, singing, dancing - it's gaudy and outrageous; curvaceous ladies and slapstick situations! Join us in our decadence...


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