Truth Cell / Vibralux / Mass. St. Murder

Gaslight Gardens

In a sharp departure from the Gaslight Tavern's usual folk and DJ fare, this Wednesday night throwdown unleashes metalheads, glam rockers and punks on the venue's cozy beer garden. Truth Cell's battering ram metal riffs and savage screams share the stage with Vibralux's show-stopping glam rock and Mass. St. Murder's unrelenting old-school punk rock. Though these three bands may hail from different schools of rock, they share the ability to drop ten-ton bricks of stage-destroying showmanship.

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Song Artist
Above Black Truth Cell Add to playlist
Evolution #23 Truth Cell Add to playlist
Fury of Lee Mung Chow Truth Cell Add to playlist
Fashionista Vibralux Add to playlist
Single Vibralux Add to playlist
Space Fags Vibralux Add to playlist
Turn On Vibralux Add to playlist
TVBF Vibralux Add to playlist


Vibralux 17 years, 2 months ago

This show has an earlier time slot. It will start with Vibralux at 8PM

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