Tech N9ne / Scatterman and Snug Brim / Project Deadman / Kutt Calhoun


Tech N9ne has powered his way through a decade of hardships, haters, back-stabbing and broken contracts to get bigger and badder every year. Tech will always be from KC, but he and his crew now live in LA ("This is what it's going to take to blow this shit all the way out of the water," says manager Travis O' Guin). His current 56-city tour will make a stop in Lawrence Friday, where he and the rest of the Strange Music posse (Kutt Calhoun, Project Deadman, Scatterman and Snug Brim) will blow up the spot with full-length sets and hyped-up guest appearances. Tech's second 'Absolute Power' single "Imma Tell" recently hit BET and M2. Given Tech's talent and work ethic, it may not be long before he's in rap's uppermost echelon. His third full-length "Eveready: The Religion" will drop in early '05 and the album is already attracting interest from the likes of Interscope and Def Jam. Add to that guest spots from E-40, Busta Rhymes and Eminem (negotiation pending), and Kansas City has its best chance yet to make its mark on the national map.

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ladynasty 16 years, 5 months ago

i got mad love for you men. and i will never forget those nights at the rockin r in st. roberts. you men are the shit and i love you all. snug, scatt, sean,joe, nick, my man KUTT, n TECH, n the entire crew i love you all and you are forever in my heart and my thoughts and prayers. be safe and keep in contact with your girl. if you aint got my number get it from your boys you know you have it. be safe. much love and respect,

                           Jacklina Denise

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