The Billy Nayer Show

For almost 15 years, The Billy Nayer Show have been spreading their peculiar brand of cabaret punk like a heartwarming disease from coast to coast. If you're surprised to not have heard about tonight's stop at the Pyro Room, don't be - the show was scheduled at the last minute. This will be the NYC band's first (and possibly only) local appearance, an engagement sure to please both longtime fans and newbie listeners of their newest album, "Rabbit." Lovers of Good Movies take note: Show frontman Corey MacAbee was both director and star of the recent cult hit "American Astronaut." Read our review


edie_ 17 years, 4 months ago

It's true. Sadly enough the Billy Nayer Show is no longer on the lineup at Balanca's Pyro Room this evening. Cory McAbee has been plagued with laryngitis. No cabaret punk garage lounge for the Lawrence people tonight. I'll be e-mailing them my get well wishes and hopes that they will return to the Plains another day.

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