aug 6

Opening for "Petty Arcanum": Mixed Media from Adam Tompkins and Holly O' Ruth

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

Local husband and wife duo Adam Tompkins and Holly O' Ruth have sewn up a fabulously imaginative show for the Olive Gallery. You will find 2-D mixed media pieces framed in stuffed-fleece frames on the walls and 3-D soft sculptures roaming about the floor. They write of their work, "Our retreat into the realm of mythology, as well as our return to the imagery of childhood-both of which tendencies are found in our current projects, are related to both Adam's time in the service during the [Gulf] war and the shared personal crisis that accompanied it. Elements from alchemical imagery, bondage illustrations, video games and the comic book heroes of our youth are sublimated into the pictorial narrative, charging the pieces with a dream-like quality." Their son, Maximillian, will also be featuring his work in the Kid's Corner during August. Come out and meet the artists during the opening on Saturday, August 6th, between 6-10p.m.


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