Nathan Brown Texas Cheerleader @ Second Saturdays

Eighth Street Tap Room

Sounds like Billy Ocean/Prince on the keys and vox and cheerleads like a tall, skinny, white, previously unexperienced cheerleader would. Always a blast and always a dancefest.From the organizers:"A compromise between time and timelessness cultivates the precise spirit of happy endings by bringing together the legendary Texas/Rock n' Roll Cheerleader: Nathan 'Browningham' Brown and local Lawrence DJ's: Hasselhoff, Bone Delouise and Candlepants - all under one roof. Get ready to be motivated as the music and cheerleader chants echo in harmony. Beware of Nathan's grumpy hound-dog as he is dangerous, but his presence is essential for your well-being. Don't worry, he will be caged happily behind steel bars while performing stunts along with the music. Just watch your fingers and try not to make eye-contact. Fanny-packs, gold chains and work-out clothes highly recommended."PLEASE NOTE: THIS PARTICULAR SECOND SATURDAYS IS ON A FRIDAY.


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