Open Sesame!!

Bourgeois Pig

Another film debut at the Bourgeois Pig from The First and Last Church of Latter Day Krunk. Featuring local Lawrence disciples: Steve Balbone, Honz Von Bronz, Candlepants McGee (with an 'H'), Tango-Tango, Paddy Pockets, Tito Thoroughgood, Kilo Fontanello Fontaine, Styles, Erin Duffey, and Wayne Propst. Screenings at 9:30pm, 11pm, and 1am. Running time: 15 minutes.(Check out related article: check out previous film posting: of Open Sasame!!:"Lean in and listen to endings beginning with sinning. In other words and/or laymen's terms: We are all Women of the 90s! Women of the 90s! Women of the not so distant 90s!" (repeat chorus 1000x)-SaberhagenIn addition, Wayne Propst will be presenting a never before seen William S. Burroughs documentary at midnight (running time 20 min).


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