$ECOND $ATURDAY$: The Miami bA$$ experience!!!

Eighth Street Tap Room

DJ Hasselhoff and Scene Booster Sound System spin an entire night dedicated to Miami Bass music from the 80's and 90's. Additional speakers and subwoofers will be installed to ensure the miami bASS experience is felt deep-down to the core of the marrow.To best surf the low-frequency waves of bASS, participants are encouraged to dress as 'Miami' as possible. Prizes will be awarded throughout the night for the best fake-tans. The first place prize is a bottle of Aveda Sun Source self-tanning, multi-vitamin and moisturizing lotion provided by Headmasters Salon (a retail value of: $16.75!!!).Miami Bass, Booty, Ghetto-Style, Florida Electro-Funk, Proto-Bass, Latin Bass, Car Audio Bass...Come see how low we can go...Some representative tracks:(1984) Pretty Tony - Fix it in the Mix(1984) Clarence "Blowfly" Reid - Electronic P*ssy Sucker(1985) Mantronix - Needle to the Groove (1986) 2 Live Crew - Ghetto Bass (1987) Maggotron - Welcome To the Planet of Bass (1987) Gigalo Tony - I Am Crack Cocaine (1988) Dynamix II - Techno Bass (1989) Bassadelic - The Miami Bass Machine (1989) MC A.D.E. - How Much Can You Take(1990) DJ Magic Mike - Feel The Bass Again (1991) Kilo - Hear What I Hear (1992) Bass Boy - I Got the Bass (1993) Def Bass Krew - Bass Party(1996) Freak Nasty - Da Dip(1997) B-Rock & The Bizz - My Baby Daddy(1999) Ding-a-Ling (Mr. Mixx mix)- Hi-Town DJs


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